Thrice is a holistic experiential design agency specializing in bringing activation, and immersive experiences focused around three pillars of food, drink, and design that will wake your brain. We believe in thinking beyond the “event” and outside the box to create temporary, artful, slightly strange experiences. We curate talent from the community to bring food, drink, design together into one mind-blowing experience.



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Abigail Plonkey

Founder, Chief Experience Curator

In August 2018, I founded Thrice Pop-Ups: a rotating supper club that brings immersive design, unexpected fare, and cocktails together in temporary spaces. I like to say that these pop-ups are designed to “wake your brain.” Thanks to my passion for food, drink, and design, I dreamed up this idea in order to bring something unique to the Denver scene. I wanted to engage brands and bring new chefs, mixologists, artists, and musicians to the forefront while bringing people together and connecting the community.